Things to do with a naked man

Technically, if you are in the same room with a naked man there is a high chance that you are planning on having consensual sex with him. It does not matter if you have done this before or it is a new experience with a new person, you have to plan ahead to make the experience perfect for both of you. I do not have to tell you that you should also get naked. Make it a fun by blindfolding them and making mysterious moves to arouse them. If you want to be more playful, you can give them a show of your own. Remember, you want to make this night or day memorable and fun. Kissing and licking your way through his body may be a tease for some, but not all people consider it a tease.  For a hardcore tease, you can make him watch potnhub for erotic videos while he is helplessly tied to the bed or wherever you guys are.

Note that some men actually love to be dominated and find it very arousing. It is the 21’s century and people are not afraid of sex toys anymore. With your partner’s permission you can incorporate a vibrator into the mix. Ensure you have clear instructions and safe words before you start using it. Think big and move outside your normal sex routine. Using the same styles over and over again especially with the same guy will make the whole encounter boring. Try different areas and different positions to keep things spicy and memorable. Taking on activities before you go ahead with the sexual activities will reduce any kind of tension and make it simple and fun. Bonding activities like cooking and a movie will change the scene to create more pleasure. Confidence will get you all the pleasure you desire, take the lead and get dirty with your naked man to enjoy the night.

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